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The Outdoor Grill

BBQ Grill

Gas GrillWhen the summer months approach, temperatures begin reaching into the 90's by noon or a little later, at least in the Southwest.

The grocery stores are aleady preparing thick steaks and boneless ribs for the summer BBQ; tempting us with prices that are below the normal. (Wonder where the prices will be when the summer really arrives.) So this is the time to start looking at our outdoor grill. Of course, outdoor grilling is a year round activity with most BBQ enthusiasts. The choices of style and function are as vast as they are varied; and isn't that a great problem to have?

Built-in Grill or Dome Top Weber

Classic Weber GrillThe outdoor grill can be found in elaborate creations of rock and stainless steel or concrete and wood. The imagination knows no limit when creating an area around which we live and play. Or it can be a simple black dome with the charcoal ashes falling out the bottom. You can find grill cooktops that rival the best of the inside cooktop stoves, with all the elaborate built-ins that you would possibly want or as basic as a wooden fire pit with a grill across the burning embers.

Outdoor Chinese Oven

Chinese Ovens at Trader Vic's in Emeryville

One of the outdoor ovens that you can build is a Chinese oven. My Mother had one of these built at her home. The design was a copy of the Chinese ovens featured at the Trader Vic’s restaurants. The fire pit is placed towards the front (down low) of the oven, with racks to hang the meat in the chimney so it is never directly over the open flame. It hangs there in the heat and smoke from the wood burning and the hot air raising. It really does a marvelous job of cooking/smoking the meat! (Once when I was visiting Mother, she asked me to build a fire in this strange oven, and so I did. But I was a little too aggressive with the amount of wood and there were flames coming out the top of the oven – that was a strict “no-no” for such an oven. So we waited for the fire to burn down before placing the meat in the hanging space. It cooked a little faster than normal that night due to the extra heat that was still inside the chimney.)

Grill Selection

7 Burner Premium BBQ Gas GrillBut let’s get back to what you want to build or have in your backyard. On this site you will find some very expensive grills, designed to last for years as well as some simple, one or two season at the most, charcoal grills.

Outdoor Grill Size

Do you want something that you can roast a pig on or something a little quieter than that? Perhaps something that will cook enough food for a family or four or five to really enjoy with a guest or two, but that’s all.

Outdoor BBQ

BBQs are great fun and lots of great food – hot and cold, sweet and tangy. Your outdoor grill can produce many different foods. The different tastes and flavors are tantalizing – top it off with some homemade ice cream and you have made yourselves some memories.

Outdoor BBQ Gas Grill Selection